#225 – Kwali Join Hands Mission & Camp Ground, Nigeria

Replacing their worn-out pump and repairing their well.
Completed: February 22nd, 2022

“We wish to express our profound gratitude for the donation of a new water well in our campground. We never thought this would come to pass soon, but our God is a good God. He has made it a reality. We pray that God will bless your organization and your supporters for the help and love you have shown us. Thank you for joining hands with us.”
Karanmasara Y., Community Leader

Kwali Mission/CampGround is a new mission house and campground in Nigeria’s Kwali Area Council. The missionaries and their families living there are very isolated as they share the gospel of Jesus Christ in the surrounding area. They often struggled to meet their daily needs, including the need for water.

The generosity of our donors enabled Lifewater Canada to drill a well that is exhibiting the love of Christ by providing consistently safe and accessible water to everyone in Kwali Mission/CampGround and also the surrounding area.

Depth of Water: 26.00 ft.
Well Depth: 213 ft.
Water Odour: None
Taste: Good