#224 – Roguwa Gidan Tanko, Nigeria

Roguwa Gidan Tanko, Nigeria
Replacing their worn-out pump and repairing their well.
Completed: January 24th, 2022

Roguwa is a village in central Nigeria. It is a suburb of Abuja, the capital city. Residents have been dependant for their water on open hand-dug wells, rainwater, and vendors. None of these sources is safe and all are inadequate for the growing population in Roguwa.

Affording the cost of buying water is a problem for many families in Roguwa. Added to that is the financial burden of health care brought by the rising wave of waterborne diseases from the water. This is a painful reality for a community where most people live on less than $1 a day.

Generous donors enabled Lifewater Canada to drill a well in Roguwa that is providing safe water to everyone, and eliminating the need for people to rely on dirty, expensive alternatives.

Depth of Water: 20.00 ft.
Well Depth: 197 ft.
Water Odour: None
Taste: Good

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