#227 – Angwan Wangibi Sarki, Nigeria

Angwan Wangibi Sarki, Nigeria
Getting safe drinking water.
Completed: March 28th, 2022

Wangibi is a rural area occupied by the Eggon people of Nigeria in Nasarawa state. To meet its water needs, everyone depended on a single well and a nearby stream.

Isaac Daudu, the Mai Angwan (community leader), narrated the severity of the water scarcity in the community. He said: “Over 100 households were dependent on this one well. After two or three people fetched water from the well, it would dry up. Others had to wait about two hours for the well to recharge again.”

Meanwhile, the water from the village stream is dirty and unsafe.

Lifewater’s mission at Wangibi was to restore hope and show everyone love without a reason. By drilling three water wells, including this one, we showed the power of love exemplified by Jesus Christ.

Depth of Water: 39.00 ft.
Well Depth: 180 ft.
Developed By: Electric Pump
Water Odour: None
Taste: Good

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