#222 – Maraban Shamaki Angwan Makaranta, Nigeria

Maraban Shamaki Angwan Makaranta, Nigeria
Replacing their worn-out pump and repairing their well.
Completed: January 22nd, 2022

“We wish to appreciate you for the repair of our well. We sincerely give God the glory for using Lifewater to improve our lives.”
Yours faithfully,
Alice Kigbu, Assistant Head Mistress

Maraban Shamaki is in Nigeria’s Nasarawa State. This community on the outskirts of the Federal Capital Territory but is strangely cut off from many basic social amenities, including safe water.

Residents had to cross a busy highway, or depend on a seasonal water hole, for their drinking, cooking, and carrying out other domestic chores. They were always at the mercy of diarrhea, cholera, and all manner of other water-borne diseases that sometimes result in death.

Lifewater Canada donors funded the replacement of hand-powered pumps on three broken-down wells, including this one at a local school, and the drilling of one new well.

Now, the people of Maraban Shamaki have access to safe water with ease. They are living with good health, and children are attending school regularly because they are healthy and don’t need to spend lots of time each day fetching water.

Depth of Water: 9.80 ft.
Well Depth: 131 ft.
Water Odour: None
Taste: Good