#220 – Saka Bakin Kasuwa, Nigeria

Saka Bakin Kasuwa, Nigeria
Replacing their worn-out pump and repairing their well.
Completed: January 19th, 2022

Saka is a large community in Nigeria’s Nasarawa State with no safe water. Women and children walk about an hour each way, barefoot or in rubber sandals, to collect water from the nearest river.

Because the river is polluted, the water collected from it must boiled before it is safe for drinking. That uses precious fuel. And on the walk to and from the river, children and adults have fallen victim to kidnappers, bandits, and rapists. There have also been accidents, injuries and deaths.

Saka has several strategically positioned water wells, but all were out-fitted with submersible pumps. When these motorized pumps failed, no one was available to repair them. The Lifewater Canada repair team consulted with community leaders and received permission to convert the motorized pumps (including this one) to hand-powered pumps that are much easier to maintain.

Today, rather than having water in abandoned wells, we praise God that the community has safe water available from those working wells. No longer does anyone need to risk their lives by walking to the distant river to gather water that is already contaminated.

Depth of Water: 16.40 ft.
Well Depth: 18 ft.
Water Odour: None
Taste: Good

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