#211 – Angwa Jinkai, Ijah Pada, Nigeria

Angwa Jinkai, Ijah Pada, Nigeria
Obtaining safe drinking water.
Completed: May 19th, 2021

This community has a population of more than 7000 people, and they depend on only one borehole with electric pump. Water from this well is available to the villagers once in three days. If you miss the chance to get water on the scheduled date, you will have to revert to the open, contaminated source. Alternatively, you can get water from the well at the primary school which is 30 minutes’ walk away. Unfortunately, you are not allowed into the school till school closes after 2:00 pm. We drilled three new wells here and rehabilitated two others. And the relief for the villagers is absolutely overwhelming. God be praised.

Depth of Water: 40 ft.
Well Depth: 180 ft.
Screen Length: 115.00 ft.
Developed By: Air Backwash
Water Odour: None
Taste: Good

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