#186 – Angwa Sarki, Chibiri, Nigeria

Angwa Sarki, Chibiri, Nigeria
Replacement of worn-out pump and repairing of well.
Completed: April 8th, 2021

In Chibiri Village in Kuje Area Council, the villagers showed excitement as our team arrived to assess available water sources. At one well, we meet Aisha and Hadiza at the river. During the interaction with them, the informed us that the river is the major source of water for them. Frequent breakdown of the hand pumps, crowd at the available wells, leading to hours of waiting to collect water often discouraged them from going to the cleaner source of water. In the end, they come to the river where people do laundry and cow herders bring cows to drink to collect drinking water for their homes.

Asked if they treat the water collected from the river, they chuckled and waived it off as though, it meant nothing. Water treatment is a luxury, they cannot afford.

Depth of Water: 15 ft.
Well Depth: 140 ft.
Water Odour: None
Taste: Good

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