#163 – Dupka, Angwa Bassa, Nigeria

Dupka, Angwa Bassa, Nigeria
Replacement of worn-out pump and repairing of well.
Completed: March 5th, 2021

The Christian Association of Nigeria, Dukpa branch invited us to this community as part of their drive towards ministering to both physical and spiritual needs of the people. Our visit to Dukpa revealed the extent of poor maintenance culture. Six wells we available, out of which only 2 we functional. The other 4 had been abandoned for years. The wells we left to children to play with. And they innocently filled the wells with debris. At the time of our visit, there was some little quarrels over chieftaincy title. Trying to avoid getting caught in the conflict, we informed the community that we will go somewhere else. Sensing the opportunity, they were about to miss, they dropped their differences and urged us to support the community by repairing the broken wells. Thankfully, we were able to fix all four abandoned wells and the joy of the community was without limit. The water need was so bad that folks will steal behind leaking tanks from compounds of those who have access to water and collect water.

Depth of Water: 30 ft.
Well Depth: 100 ft.
Water Odour: None
Taste: Good

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