#148 – Government Secondary School, Nigeria

Government Secondary School, Nigeria
Replacement of worn-out pump and repairing of well.
Completed: January 31st, 2021

This school was in a situation that student were needed to constantly haul water throughout the day to supply the needs of all student, yet the supply was stagnant and unsafe. With the pump replaced and safe, fresh water at hand, they can spend their time learning and advancing their education during the school day. This is a government-owned school, that served a number communities in the area. With COVID-19 protocols came the need to for regular sanitizing/washing of hands. For a school community to make water available to students to regularly wash their hands, a ready cheap source of water was the drilled well in the compound. So, when we fixed the well, the school leaders and students expressed so much joy. Now, water dispensing buckets for washing of hands located at various points within the school compound can be easily filled with water from the rehabilitated well with so much concern about the cost of buying water.

Depth of Water: 10 ft.
Well Depth: 100 ft.
Water Odour: None
Taste: Good

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