#81 – Godine Area of Balan

Sponsored by: Carson Graham Secondary School & The Water Team


Balan, Haiti
Completed: 2011

This pump repair project and new pump was appreciated. Here were comments sent to The Water Team:

“Our community in this Godine area of Balan has about 350 people. Before this new pump was installed we were forced to take water from a spring in Charles Godine some 6 miles up in the mountain. It was a long distance and caused us much sickness and weariness.

Having a new pump in our village is making a big change for us and one that we very much appreciate. It is with that in mind that we say thank you to our host for providing us this handpump.” – Jean Claudius

“We are very pleased to offer to you our gratitude for this new well. It has saved us much time and made our lives easier now that we do not have to travel to the river for our water, a distance of about 4 miles.The new pump water is so much cleaner and tastes very fine.” – Robert Joseph, Village member.

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