#71 – N’Djamena

Completed: 2011

When we first sponsored Gerard Koumagbigue (age in 2011: 13 years old) through World Vision in October 2009, we asked him the questions we ask all our new foster children:

  1. Do you have a water well in your village?
  2. Where do you get your water?
  3. Do you ever get sick from dirty water?

He wrote back t to us “ there is not enough clean water. I can tell you that there is no clean water at all in my community”

We wrote directly to World Vision asking them about the situation and if we could do something about it.

We have now sent a letter to Gerard to ask him to find out what are the plans for teaching hygiene and proper use of the clean water and whether there is a maintenance team in the village trained to keep the pump and well running well.

By April 2011, a bore hole had been drilled and a proper pump installed and Gerard was able to write to us that “we have a filter which allows us to make water clear”

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