6. Mdunga/Kasiya, Malawi



Completed: 1997

1998 – Partnered with World Vision to build a water well for our foster child Mackson Mwase in Malawi. We learned that 60% of the population in his area (Mdunga/Kasiya – about 164 km from the capital, Silongwe ) were drinking water from unsafe sources and getting sick from bacteria and Parasites. Many people were experiencing diarrhea, dehydration and even death. Mackson himself was sick.

After the bore hole was drilled the community did a traditional dance for us with great cheering for the assistance they received. With the clean water they noticed that people were no longer getting sick and dying. Mackson recovered and went on to secondary schooling.

The community has been trained to maintain the borehole by learning how to make repairs to ensure sustainability. The borehole serves 500 families each with an average of 5 children each (2500 people). Plus it is near a Primary School serving about 1200 pupils.

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